Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where did all the fun go?

You may be thinking to yourself.... LeNell is really fun, what is Bethany talking about?
well mom you are fun. Compared to college though... you are probably a 3 out of ten.

Pro's of being home:
-I don't have to buy food anymore.
-my mom makes dinner for me.
-we have a dishwasher and a disposal.
-I have a whole basement and bathroom to myself.
-shopping with my mom.

cons of being home:
- I have a total of one friend in Heber.
- I miss my roommates!
- not as much freedom (whenever I go somewhere I am asked about 20 questions; they are probably worried that I will never come back.)
- I have no one to talk to at night.
- I liked sharing a room (sometimes you could blame the messiness on the other roommate)
- I don't have a job here. (I did in Logan)

well I could go on for another three pages of con's. Bottom line is that I miss college and I miss having friends, and I miss having something to do ALL the time.

well thats that. I guess I can hold out for 4 more months.


Famous Amos said...

hey i am thinking of coming up next weekend, we can party it up homegirl!!!!

Joey said...

hahaha, Bethany you crack me up. I'm bored too can I go to college with you?

Lauren said...

call the waaaaaaaaaaambulance!

i had a fun summer with you!!!! :) :)

Anonymous said...

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